our technologies

Here are the main technologies we master and enjoy working with within the agency. Depending on your project and needs, we will decide with you which ones are best suited.

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No-code represents a revolution for small businesses looking to create an editable website or application. It allows non-technical users to easily manage their site without programming skills. A no-code site promotes client autonomy and responsiveness. These businesses can thus focus on their core activities while having a powerful tool adaptable to their specific needs.


Webflow offers an intuitive and visual interface that greatly simplifies the editing of your site. As an editor, you can easily add, modify, and organize your blog posts or e-commerce products without any technical skills. Webflow's CMS also optimizes SEO, ensuring better visibility. By choosing Webflow, you will gain autonomy and efficiency while ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience. c0des1gn can develop a Webflow site for you that is easy to maintain and edit, saving you additional costs.

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TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. It adds static types, improving code checking and maintainability. Mainly used for complex applications, it compiles to JavaScript to ensure compatibility with all browsers.

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Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment. It enables the creation of fast and scalable web applications thanks to its asynchronous and event-driven architecture. Used for real-time applications, it offers great efficiency in handling many simultaneous connections.

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JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Vue.js, and Astro, simplify web development. They provide structures and tools to create dynamic and interactive websites quickly and efficiently.


Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It focuses on easy integration and a gentle learning curve. Vue.js enables the creation of dynamic web applications through a reactive component-based architecture. Its growing popularity in the front-end framework market is due to its flexibility, clear documentation, and strong community support.

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React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It stands out for its component-based approach and efficient state management through a virtual DOM. Highly popular, React dominates the front-end framework market due to its flexibility, performance, and large developer community.

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Astro is a modern JavaScript framework designed to create fast and optimized websites. It allows building user interfaces by combining components from different frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte. Astro generates static HTML for maximum performance while enabling interactivity with isolated components. Its rising popularity is due to its simplicity, enhanced performance, and ability to integrate with various development tools.

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